Davinci Man

Davinci Man panel in southern Utah

Let me tell you about our day. It was pretty SWEEEEET.

We were all set to go to Harry’s Lego scrimmage (this is a thing.) but JJ got the pukes so it was just me and Harry on our way to Dixie State University to battle some robots.

Robotic Legos are really cool

That lasted all morning and we were really hungry. We stopped at Menchi’s to fill up on froyo.  I was trying to butter him up to go with me and find a nearby petroglyph panel called Divinci Man. He was totally game 🙂

Menchi’s FTW

After “lunch” we drove a couple miles through the Virgin River gorge to a pull off on the side of the highway. I had some rough GPS for the panel and we decided to go for it.

We hiked up and around and down and back up and over rocks and boulders to alongside the Virgin River.

Our playground

When we found Newspaper Rock (below) we knew we were close! Harry scoped out the landscape and spied what looked like a trail heading in the right direction.

Newspaper rock
Close up of newspaper rock

His spidey sense seemed to be tingling because YUP within about 100 yards we found him. Hooray!


Top of panel

A super fun day — ended with a trip to Costco (why not) and then the long drive back to Kanab. I LOVE YOU, UTAH!!!

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