Quail Creek Petroglyphs WOWZERS!

Rock art everywhere!

Living in the middle of nowhere means that we have to travel a good distance to go shopping. I try to make the most of the drive (3 hours round trip to the “big city” of St. George, Utah) by planning out a few side diversions along the way. Today Harry and I decided to check out Quail Creek, a reservoir just outside of Hurricane, UT. We heard there were some petroglyphs in the hills, and my little hiking bud was excited to find them.

Harry checks out a big rock with lots of art

The hike was super easy — most of the time we just followed the graded track that circles the reservoir. There are signs posted that gives you clues to find the petroglyphs.

I love petroglyphs! Especially ones that look like people.


The entire hike took about an hour — give or take. I would have loved to stay and explore more (I have a feeling there are a lot of neat things all over this mountain!!)  but we had to get to Costco 🙂 Next time!

Remember to always respect the ancient rock art. Do not touch, walk on, or in any way deface these amazing sites. Thank you!

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