Brain Rocks and Petroglyphs

After nearly 14 years living in Kanab, UT, I thought we’ve seen most of the most magnificent, weird, and magical of landscapes — until this past weekend. I was researching some petroglyphs online and happened upon this wacky looking lunar landscape just a short drive east. We didn’t have specifics. But I had a good hunch about where I wanted to explore.

The boys on brain rocks 🙂

I saw pictures online with some very vague directions that hinted to the location of these magnificent etchings. Going on intuition, and looking high and low (mostly high!!) we FOUND THEM!

SO HAPPY that I spied these big boys way up high!

How many glyphs can you spy?

Taking a little rest 😉

A very happy Swagger in the middle of NOWHERE!

I love you, solitude.

This area is my new favorite secret spot. My lips are sealed 🙂

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