Sand Hill Crack: Steep and sandy and rock-arty

Human centipede weirdness

Finding new rock art sites makes me happy. Today my friend Jen (who’s just as obsessed w/ rock art — maybe more — than me) said she knew of a place that had some amazing panels and thought we could easily hike to them in a winter’s day. The sun was shining and getting to the start of the hike took some off-roading (right off highway 89A in AZ) but the trusty jeep easily got us to the remains of an old ranch which is where we started our trek.

Looking through

Starting point

The first mile was pretty chill — we had loose directions but knew that our ultimate goal was getting to the top of the Vermilion Cliffs — and by foot there is pretty much only one way directly up: via the sand hill crack. We also knew it would get steep and sandy — so we looked for an obvious sandy uphill route. Burning glutes. BURN!

trail pooch, andy 🙂

On the trail (I think?)

We saw the sand hill looming in front of us — and the crack. The petroglyphs are on the left and right of the crack, inside the crack as you go up, and I think there’s probably even some more going down the other side (we didn’t get to those on this day — but I’ll be back!)

So enjoy this collection of super rad rock art — 🙂

walk like an Egyptian guy

Lizard dude

There were so many different types of drawings here. Many were super faded but totally awesome. Check this out:

These dudes might have been my favorite (besides human centipede 🙂

Alright — that’s all for now. Onward to the next adventure!

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