Cup and Channel Glyph overlooking the Grand Canyon

This one took a little research to find. On my quest to find every cup and channel glyph (aka waterglyph), I came across a blog post showing this spectacular specimen and was suddenly obsessed with finding it (shocking, huh.)

Navigating to the particular spot was long and sandy. Mile and miles of long stretches over desert terrain, heading towards marble canyon in the Vermillion Cliffs. Basically the drive consisted of many wrong turns, stops to take pics of cows and wild flowers, and then scanning the landscape for anything that looked like the pic I saw online. Yeh, we were gone all day ๐Ÿ™‚

Miles of this. Not bad ๐Ÿ™‚

The area where this particular glyph was located turned out to be very close to the start of the Grand to Grand Ultra. I was getting all kinds of weird, nostalgic feelings.

We stopped a few places to get out and search for the glyph. Not a bad view anywhere once you get to the rim.

No glyph here — but THAT VIEW
When plants are bigger than you
Taking a break with the Swags

Finally we saw another “finger” of the canyon that looked promising. So we decided to drive down one more dirt road. SUCCCCCCEESSSS!

This was such an awesome day with my favorite people. HIGH FIVE!

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