Mom’s Day at Weaver’s Cave

Mother’s Day is my favorite day. I love seeing my little boys grow up into sturdy, adventurous big boys. I am so lucky that they share my love of exploring (MOST TIMES). Today I got to choose the adventure — and I had read about Weaver’s Cave a while back — and we tried to hike here in the fall. But it was a cold day, and there was a water hole that we just didn’t think we’d get past. So today was the day we’d figure it out.

Escalante UT is one of our favorite places to go hiking. There are never many people and the scenery stretches on for miles and miles.

Cave 1: Spirals




Called Weaver’s Cave because of the unique pictographs inside a series of caves that depict a weaver’s art, tools, and designs.


I like this weird thing behind me.


My hearts


So so rad. blankets? shawls?




Not another human soul in sight. My perfect kinda day.


I love these people. They made my day 👌💓

Never stop exploring xoxo

  • these may be the oldest pictographs in the monument – too bad they're getting better known, there's already been some damage when a local semi homeless guy camped in the cave and had a fire, fortunately it just took out a few on the roof of the cave

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