Winter run to South Fork Indian Canyon Pictographs

One of the most impressive pictograph panels in southern Utah

December 28 in Kanab. What a frosty day! Kanab proper was melted — and Paul (my running bff ALSO IT WAS HIS BIRTHDAY) was the selector of today’s adventure. He decided we should head North a couple miles to run and enjoy the nearby amazing pictographs in Indian Canyon.


Little did we know that we’d encounter over a foot of frickin snow!

And my trusty Xterra (who, sadly, is now an old and less trustworthy Xterra) decided that she just wasn’t into the deep and pristine snow trails…. (queue the elevator music while I dig her out for over an hour…)

After we got unstuck, we decided that since we are ultra runners — maybe we should just run to the trail head 🙂 #captainobvious

We put plastic bags on our feet and shoved them into our shoes, strapped on the yak trax and off we went for miles…

a wee bit chilly

We weren’t sure if we’d be able to make it to the site — which does require some steepish downhill hiking. Thankfully our crampons were most excellent and we didn’t fall off cliffs and die. YAY!

Flava Flav dudes
I’ve been here so many times but didn’t see these guys!!!!
This friend is partially hidden. WOW!

What a fun day filled with really stupid conversation (the BEST!), frozen fingers and toes, dripping noses and ending with fireballs and coke. HappyBDay Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

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