Wintery hike to Davinci Man and Newspaper Rock


It’s winter break! Yay! That means, despite the horrid, cold weather… I will entice my children to do fun and amazing outdoor things. šŸ™‚

We recently went back to visit The Davinci Man petroglyph panel. This freakin awesome rock art is found just south of St. George, UT. It’s not a long hike at all — but you have to know where to go (and where to pull of the highway). And then it’s just a cacti-filled adventure for everyone.

Note: dont’ hug the cacti šŸ™‚

Even though I was here once before, we almost left without finding DA MAN. Harry and I were convinced he was closer to the Virgin River, but we just couldn’t seem to find him.

One landmark to look for is a giant rock that locals call “Newspaper Rock”. If you find that rock, you’re golden (Da Vinci dude is only a hundred yards away!)

Lots goin’ on here…….

Once we found Newspaper Rock I was sooo relieved because I really hate not finding something šŸ™‚ And as I get older, that seems to be a common occurrence.

Harry’s still salty that it took us this long to find ha ha

Hike back to car was pretty awesome. Found some random glyphs and got back in time for sunset. 

Location: Davinci man is right off highway 15 by the Virgin River (about 10 miles s. of St. George UT).  That’s all I’ll give ya. The fun part is trying to find him!!


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