Khota Circus petroglyphs: Gold Butte National Monument

A couple years ago, President Obama designated Gold Butte as a National Monument. This special place has been one of my top all favorite areas in the entire USA. It’s so completely awesome.

For one, it’s so remote that you can pretty much guarantee you won’t see many people (we saw zero today). It’s so quiet. So peaceful! But mostly I love Gold Butte because it’s filled with history from our ancestors. Today we visited Khota Circus, an XL petroglyph panel (with extra petroglyphs all over).

These places are so special to me. I hope you understand why I don’t post directions to most of the sites son my blog (unless they are already public). I would hate to see this part of our history destroyed by graffiti or other carelessness.

Besides the rock art, the landscape is so alien and beautiful. I love love the desert.


I took this video that I’ll share with you. Thanks for reading!

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