Condors + Petroglyphs = Happy New Year

My hikes are generally 1) hard 2) involving rock art 3) fun

Today’s adventure had all of those requirements in spades. I knew we’d have some climbing to get to our reward (the rock art!) but I didn’t know that we’d also have a special treat waiting for us.

A flock of California condors over the Vermillion Cliffs

California condors are so special. Back in the 1980’s there were fewer than TWO DOZEN that existed in the wild. Thanks to very dedicated conservation efforts, in 2019 the 1000th chick hatched (in my neck of the woods!) Now — if you are lucky — you might see one of these majestic beauties if you are in southern Utah (Zion, Kanab, Grand Staircase) or the UT/AZ border (specifically the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument).

And if seeing one condor means you are lucky — then we hit the jackpot 🙂

Besides seeing these amazing creatures, we hiked a whole lot, found some nice petroglyph panels (including waving guy with one arm (!?) ) and breathed in a whole new decade with my favorite people.

More pics from the hike:


I’m impressed with my kiddos. Each hike is a little more challenging — and pushes them just a bit higher. They are awesome scouts.

There’s even more rock art out here — but that’s for another day.

Until then — keep making memories, pushing the limits, finding cool stuff, getting outside, turning off the noise.


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