Steep hike to amazing rock art!

I’m trying to see the silver lining right now with the mass hysteria surrounding COVID-19. Kids are homeschoolin’, work is crazy, and being so far away from my friends and family in PA has me stressed. Thank goodness for outdoor therapy. It’s a real thing, y’all!

possibly the largest piece of pottery we’ve seen ‘in the wild’

Over the weekend we packed up the fam and headed east to a secret little spot that I had some vague directions for. I figured if we didn’t find the petroglyphs, we’d at least get out of the house and under those blue skies of the mountain west.

love seeing this stuff — painted pottery circa a really long time ago

After hiking for quite a while, and seeing that the ‘road ahead’ was super steep and sandy, I let the kids lead us all UP and through.. until in the faint distance I could see a flat section of cliff up ahead that looked promising. I really hoped we were on the right track (by now the kids were over the sand hill!)

A quarter mile of glyphs!
random glyphs everywhere we looked.

It was such an amazing and rewarding day — filled with much needed distractions from the current state of the world.

Remember during this time to get outside and inhale/exhale. Call your friends and family. Help your neighbors. Stay healthy. We’ll get through this!

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