There’s something about this place…. pictographs near Kanab

Many years ago I was taken to a very special and sacred place. It was so hidden, so remote. I could barely remember how to get here but with the latest rules of “social distancing” (nothing really that new to me!) I thought that this weekend might be a good time to see if I could still ‘run pretty far’ and test my memory and navigational skills.

I set out around 10 AM and had vague recall of where I would go to revisit one of the most magnificent pictograph panels that most likely dates back as early as 200AD (I got that date from an archaeologist so I’m not making it up. He thought likely even earlier).

After several hours (many wrong turns and such), the area was looking vaguely familiar. I saw a couple of guys on ATVs that seemed genuinely concerned as to why this lone girl was out in the literal middle of nowhere with nothing but a tiny backpack 🙂

I was able to hike down into a steep canyon (precarious!) and only attempted because I now knew where I was going. There was no cell reception and I don’t take my safety for granted.

I found the panel, and spent a few minutes in awe of the feeling that overwhelmed me. I will say that I had a somewhat strange experience here. While deep in the remote wilderness, I did hear some very loud footsteps. They seemed close-by. There was absolutely no human beings nearby. And it would be very rare that it be a deer (especially since they sounded like FOOTSTEPS and not rustling of leaves). I took that as my sign to just say ‘thank you’ and good-bye.

I do realize that these are sacred places. I would never deface or in any way harm the area. I left feeling a bit overwhelmed and I hope that the spirits that inhabit the canyon know that I truly respect and appreciate what they have left behind.

This is also why I cannot leave any sort of details on route or canyon. I hope you can appreciate that! While we are all locked in and distancing from other humans, I hope you are able to enjoy mother nature and make connections with the earth on a deeper level during this time.


  • Amazing Panel. Maybe one of the best ever. I've been there multiple times. Last time was last Jan. (2020) One of the reasons it feels so sacred is because of the burial that is in there. Someone took the skull from the burial in the past 6 months but left the remaining bones. Very heart breaking to disturb the burial like that.

  • Breath taking panel. Last September I returned (via canoe on the San Juan River) to visit the Butler Wash panel and had a similar experience of a connection. As a songwriter (Nashville) I wrote and recorded a song about that experience entitled \”Those Who Came Before\”. I'd like to share that song/video with you and can do so by providing a link to it, but will only do so with your permission. Thank you, Jill for sharing these inspirational adventures – Jerry

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