Offroad Desert Petroglyph Hunting

Easter Sunday during a pandemic. Such strange times.

We decided to do a little off-roading — hoping that our trusty Xterra would make it to some new gnarly spots in the southern Utah desert. I had some GPS data from a friend that would lead us to a really cool spiral petroglyph. But since our ‘terra is getting very old and clunky, with a hood latch that’s about to pop off, we were a little extra anxious. Going up and over sandstone and rocky outcroppings can be nail biting 🙂

Turkey Tracks!
More random rock art

These are weird times. Our family is pretty much experts on social distancing 🙂 In the midst of all this chaos, I’m very fortunate to have our amazing planet Earth to be our partner in all of this crazy.


  • Too bad you don't share locations of these things like your \”friends\” did with you. But I see you are on Little Creek Mesa at the petroglyph site. Do you have the locations of all the pit houses and waterglyphs? I do.

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