Collet Top Arch: Off-roadin’ on the Kaiparowitz Plateau

Ever since I moved to Utah in 2005 I’ve been in love with the abundant  ancient archaeological sites so perfectly constructed that still exist today. I feel extremely fortunate to see these places and learn about the cultures that once lived and thrived in the area. This arch has been on my “must see” list for a long while. It took a few trial and error explorations to finally find it (with little help other than patching together things I’ve read on-line). The arch, with a well-preserved Anasazi granary below, is so beautiful!

Getting to the arch is loooong and sandy. You are really in the middle of absolutely nowhere. There is no cell service and if you get in trouble out there, you better be prepared! Please remember to leave a small footprint and leave everything just the way you found it. 

Happy Exploring! 🙂

  • Good find Jill! there is a book (now out of print) from NABS member Jens Munthe about \”Arches of the Escalante\” that has the exact details of way more than hundred Arches including this one. Unfortunately this will be the first time in 28 years that we will miss our Southwest adventures. We had a.o. to cancel a reservation of a week in Kanab in October! Still interested to find out how you got from the highway to Sidestep Canyon, we once got there from the top via the now closed country road to the Wahweap hoodoos, see your sidestep canyon post comments with a link to our pics. Think i figured out your email address, so will try to mail you one of these days. Henk, another Southwest outdoor junkie, from The Netherlands

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