Shaman’s Gallery

The Grand Canyon is my favorite place on earth for so many reason — the sheer beauty of every rock layer, the colors and textures, the turquoise blue of the Colorado River. The cacti, yucca, indian paintbrush, scrub oak, scrub jays, hawks, eagles, and rattle snakes. And if you’re fortunate enough and in good health, a trek down into the maze of side canyons, forks and valleys — you just might find some astonishing art work created thousands of years ago by our native ancestors, using natural pigments and plants as brushes. What do all of these images depict? It’s something I daydream about — and I will never take for granted the fact that I can visit places like this and experience the spiritual aura that lingers in these sacred spots.

Pretty much nothing I love more than a long hike, sweet rewards, and memories with friends. I wish I had days to explore — that’s on my future adventures list. In the meantime, I have these rad pics to look back on.

Here’s a few more:

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