The return to Cookie Cutter

My friend Lauren lovvvvvveees petroglyphs so she’s always hittin’ me up to take her to ALL the places. 🙂 It’s so much fun and I LOVE showing people these super rad sites. This particular site is not too far from home (Kanab) but still requires a little bit of navigating and some 4 wheel drivin’. I hadn’t been to this place in years so I was going off of memory.

Yay! We found ’em

This site is so awesome because the deep grooves that create the glyphs have weathered over time, (and they are so old!) I saw so many petroglyphs that I didn’t remember seeing last time.

This is unique??? Hmmm
Lone dude

Beautiful t-shirt weather in early December made for two happy chicks and one very excited pooch. Yay for exploring!

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