My favorite place(s) Part 2

As I wait for some warmer weather here in southern Utah, I’m looking back at some of my MOST epic adventures! As I mentioned in my last post, any sort of directions or gps to these places won’t be shared. For one, they took so long to get here, to navigate and explore route finding, and during these adventures I wasn’t as techy smart as I am now and didn’t have a way to mark gps (now I use Gaia! Yay!) Also important to always remind folks how fragile these places are, and gentle reminder to not touch the rock art, leave no trace and be respectful. πŸ™‚

This amazing place is deep in the Grand Canyon. It’s called Hades and I had no idea what I was in for when I signed up to tag along on this adventure.

My trusty sidekicks, Vince and Paul

Over the years I’ve made a few friends who love adventurin’ as much as me. I love to go places with friends and share moments. Well, on this trip there were many, many moments. Lots of Oh Sh*t! moments that is FO SHO. No trails to get here.. just choose your own route. And don’t look down. And please don’t die (that was a legit concern).

After HOURS of driving, then HOURS of downhill ‘scrambling’.. and then another HOUR or so of boulder hoppin’ we reached a wash with large dumpling shaped rock shelters on both sides. Paul was on the hunt — and after some searching, we found our treasure πŸ™‚

PS I got a dumb message once from someone bein’ all pissed that I don’t give directions. Sorry (not sorry). This blog is mostly for my mom to catch up on my life. If you happened to get here because you like to see cool stuff, and are nice and not douchy, then thank you <3

Here are a bunch more pics. Thanks for reading.

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