I got breakthrough COVID. Here’s my timeline of symptoms

Here’s my experience with breakthrough Covid-19 Delta Variant. Hopefully it helps someone who may recently be diagnosed and offer some insight into how contagious the Delta variant is. Not a lot of fluff here — and I will add to daily 🙂


44 year old female,
no underlying conditions
Ultramarathon runner, athlete, healthy!

I got my first dose of Moderna on March 31. I had the second dose on April 28. My husband is also fully vaccinated. My kids, 12 and 14, are also both fully vaccinated.

Main Symptoms: Loss of smell/taste, extreme fatigue, body aches (mostly back and legs), sinus pain/pressure, headache, sneezing

Peak/Worst Day of Symptoms: Day 5 (I am counting from day I lost smell because I am 100% sure I had Covid at this point, although I may have had it before this day but I can’t be certain)

Saturday, Aug 28 – Wednesday Sept 1: Woke up in the morning feeling like something new must be blooming outside. Typical symptoms of fall allergies: stuffy nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, slight sinus pressure. Continued to do life as usual, which included hiking a whole lot on the weekend and working out at 5 am during the work week. I didn’t think I was sick. I certainly didn’t think I had Covid. I was a little more tired than usual, but chalked that up to hiking lots, working lots.

Wednesday Sept 1: Mid-day I was sneezing more than usual and when it was time for lunch, I realized I couldn’t smell it. I had completely and suddenly lost my sense of smell. It was SO WEIRD. I blew my nose and tried to see if that helped, but I could not smell anything. I told my husband “I think I have Covid.”

Thursday, Sept 2: Woke up with more sinus pressure. Still can’t smell! Tried to most potent of cleaners (should out Odoban), vinegar, coffee… nada! Spent (too much) time looking for a place to get tested. I could probably write an entire tirade about that whole problem… but eventually I found a clinic to test me with the 24 hour saliva test. I was still feeling pretty much the same: moderate head cold — stuffy, sneezing, sinus, tired. But all were mild. It was our 15 year anniversary and I was pretty sure I had coronavirus so we just went on a small little hike and that night I passed right out.

Friday, Sept 3: Still feeling like a head cold. Still can’t smell. Waiting on results. Finally around 5 pm I got an alert on my phone from the Utah Health Department. YOU HAVE TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID-19. I knew I was. But it was still shocking. I did everything right. I masked up all of 2020. I got my vaccines. I avoided crowds. And now I have Covid. The news was reporting how rare breakthrough cases were. But now I was one of them and the more I started telling people, the more I learned I was not alone. As I type this — I know of 5 people in my small town of 5000 who are Covid positive and are fully vaccinated.

Saturday, Sept 4: I woke up still feeling half-way decent. The sinus pressure was a little worse. I wasn’t sneezing much anymore. But I was definitely more fatigued. I just kind of felt drained. I was a little dizzy, too. I almost felt ‘floaty’. I felt like my head was clogged up but not stuffy (if that makes sense). I wasn’t really blowing my nose anymore — nose was not stuffed up. I still can’t smell or taste. I slept a lot of today. I would watch TV for a while, then just be too exhausted to sit around. I slept from 11:30 am – 4 ish.

Sunday, Sept 5: I am sooo tired. A little achy. I kind of want to cry. I am just SO TIRED! Nothing really ‘hurts’ but I don’t feel good. I convince my two kids to watch Twilight with me 🙂 (12 and 14 year old boys — whatever. they liked it). I was then just SO tired I took a 5 hour nap. Woke up and was still SO tired and weak. Watched another movie and then went back to bed at 6:00 pm and slept until 9 am the next morning!!! Sleep was restless. I kept waking with severe low back ache and a strange new leg ache/pain. The pain was mostly upper legs (quads) and was really painful! Not the same sort of flu ache.. more like bone aches? It only hurt when lying down.

Monday, Sept 6: When I woke up from the legs/back pain I was just so upset! I couldn’t stop crying. It really hurt and I was just so tired! My head was pounding (sinus headache) and I just felt emotional and sad. After an hour of wallowing, I got up and moved around. Walking helped my back/legs. I ate a lot of peaches (thanks peach tree!) and ate a ton of cup of soup. I still can’t smell/taste. Head/ears kinda feel weird and hollow. A little dizzy. NO chest congestion or coughing. No fever either (never got one!)

Steve got a home Covid test and it was negative! He has not been feeling ‘great’ and said he feels like bad allergies 🙂 Oh boy. I was shocked he was tested negative.

Monday overnight I woke up again w/ the leg/back pain. Only happens middle of night. Tonight it was SO bad, worse than Sunday. I paced around from 1:30 am – 3 am. walking helps.. laying down is just so painful. Nothing I do makes me comfortable. I tried taking aspirin (someone told me a nurse recommended aspirin over Tylenol due to it’s ability to prevent clots). Aspirin did nothing. Hour later took 2 Tylenol. Was able to sleep.

Tuesday, Sept 7: Woke up and felt better in my legs/back. I felt a little more ‘with it’ and had to attend a few work meetings on zoom. I can smell a LITTLE tiny hint of hand wash!! And I think I might smell coffee! I still feel like I have a head cold, but mayyybee a little better? Maybe I’m on an upswing? By early evening I can smell/taste a little more! An amazing neighbor brought our family some dinner. <3 Today my kids got Covid tests — both tested negative! (by the way, they’ve never felt sick at all.. outside all weekend playing — lots of energy) This evening, Steve and drove out into the hills and got some fresh air. I felt tired but also felt like I’m DEFINITELY on the upswing.

Tuesday night, and very predictably, I woke up around 1 am with leg/back pain. It was just starting to come on. I went an took Tylenol right away. I fell back to sleep and slept all night!

Wednesday, Sept 8: Woke up and feel pretty good! I have some energy. I watered all my plants outside and did a load of laundry, all before 8 am! That made me feel a little tired and so I’m now taking it easy. My smell is probably 50% back? This makes me SO happy because all the studies I have read put that symptom at around 3 weeks to return and up to a year! I reached out to a few people I know who had this symptom and some are going on 6 months or longer w/ no smell!

Right now it’s noon on Wednesday. I feel tired — but I have no headache. And my sinus pressure has lessened. I might go take a quick nap. I’ll keep updating this until I feel like I’m totally over it.

Thursday, Sept 9: This morning I woke up and felt pretty good again. Mid-day I felt like I had a urinary tract infection (UTI) coming on. DAMNIT. As the day continued, the bladder pain worsened. I was able to get an rx ordered and began antibiotics.

In the evening I went for a short hike across the way — just needed some fresh air and podcasts that I’d been missing. I felt pretty good, except for the UTI.

Took NyQuil to try and zonk out. UTI’s are terrible and make it hard to sleep. The Nyquil did nothing and I didn’t have the best night. blah

Friday, Sept 10: Sheesh I feel crappy again today. WHYYYY? I try to do a little work in the morning and by 11 AM I’m really tired. I try to rest for a few hours but the UTI is keeping me fidgety. This sucks. I feel really exhausted again and just very blah. Today is day 9 since first symptoms.

Still no chest issues — and mainly just soooo tired and worthless :-/

If you have Covid-19 now, my hope is that you have a mild case like I did. If you need to get vaccinated, contact your local health department. WITHOUT QUESTION my vaccine saved me from getting sicker. It’s really taking my town out right now and it makes me sad, and mad! Just get the DAMN SHOT! 🙂

Don’t eat horse paste. Just get vaccinated.

Ok hopefully more outdoor pics soon (I really need to catch up on recent adventures!) xoxo

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